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(NOTE: A new book by Kristine Litster Fales, Freedom from Addiction: A Mother’s Story of Hope, is currently in development. This book will include the CD Wings of Glory and the "The Story behind the Songs" as well as in-depth sections on recovery, prevention, and high self-esteem. The book will also include three self-help programs that will aid in recovering from addiction, teaching drug prevention, and building high self-esteem. The publication date is pending.)

Wings of Glory
Hope and Healing from Addiction


A Mother's Story of Hope
In Wings of Glory: The Stories behind the Songs, I share stories and experiences from my own family about my son who is addicted to drugs and alcohol. I also share suggestions to help other individuals who are addicted and their families and friends.
—Kristine Litster Fales

The Wings of Glory CD and book set includes the following items:
Wings of Glory: Songs of Hope and Healing from Addiction (CD)
Kristine writes, “Wings of Glory is a collection of songs inspired by experiences in my own family. The first four songs are about the sorrow of alcohol and drug addiction, but their meaning can be applied to any type of addiction. The next four songs bring a message of hope in the future. The last four songs testify of the healing power of Jesus Christ, a loving Father in Heaven, and the sustaining influence of the family.”
Wings of Glory: The Story behind the Songs (book)
Kristine writes, “My purpose in writing the songs and stories for Wings of Glory was threefold. First, I wanted to inspire my son with confidence that he could break free from addiction's chains of bondage. Second, I wanted to help each of my children, my husband, and myself heal from the pain and sorrow we have endured as a family over the years. Third, I wanted to reach out with a message of hope to all people who have suffered from the devastation and despair of addiction.”

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Item: Wings of Glory: Hope and Healing from Addiction
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CD track list (song samples):
The Sorrow
1. They Weren't Really His Friends
2. Shadows
3. Tip of the Iceberg
4. I See the Children

The Hope
5. Army with Banners
6. Deep Inside of Me
7. Reaching Out
8. Faith, Hope, and Charity

The Healing
9. The Way Back
10. The Plan
11. Wings of Glory
12. Because We Are A Family

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