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ABC's for a Happy Marriage
A Collection of Original Poems
and Biblical Scriptures

ABC’s for a Happy Marriage is a beautiful, easy-to-read, hard-cover book with a powerful message that proves once again the maxim, “Good things come in small packages!” This little book is a collection of original, free verse poetry that is designed to help strengthen and enrich marriages.

Beginning with the letter A for Appreciation and ending with Z for Zeal, this book contains twenty-six profound truths—one for each letter of the alphabet. Each poem is accompanied by an insightful scripture from the Bible that supports each of these truths.

With a bright red cover and classic illustrations, ABC’s for a Happy Marriage is a timeless book to be cherished. It is a perfect gift for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions—such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, or birthdays!!


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Table of Contents

Excerpts from the book
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About this book, author Kristine Litster Fales writes, “I initially started writing ABC's for a Happy Marriage because I wanted to pass on to my children, nieces, and nephews the simple, basic principles that I believed would help them enjoy happy marriages. I spent many years carefully selecting every word as I wrote and rewrote each poem.

 “One night after I thought I was finally finished, I prayed to know if there were anything else I was supposed to add to my book. As I received no immediate answer, I went to bed. I then awoke from a dream in the early morning hours with these words coming repeatedly into my mind, ‘Poetry from Heaven heals the troubled heart.’
“As I pondered the message of this dream, I finally had to ask myself out loud, ‘What is poetry from Heaven?’ A few hours later it came to me—Scriptures! I suddenly understood that I was supposed to find a scripture to support each poem I had written. After many months of searching the scriptures, I finally found my ‘poetry from Heaven’ that I hoped would help all people heal their troubled hearts and find true happiness in marriage.
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